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In a world where everyone has a phone camera and social media is full of imagery, what separates the average frame from a great one? It’s a good question, and in a changing world where mediocrity is becoming acceptable in the visual medium, it’s important that as a client, you know that your tight budget is being utilised properly on the right Cinematographer.
There is no doubt that to create beautiful images, the operator needs a good eye. A lot of that comes down to the right equipment, careful planning and decades of international experience, all of which I have but what can be even more valuable is versatility. In my humble opinion, the best cameramen are editors and the best editors are cameramen. Knowing how the images will come together in post can be the difference between success or failure on a shoot, rarely are you able to go back and get that shot that the editor really needed, it’s too costly and therefore too late.
As a Cinematographer, Editor, Producer and Drone Cameraman, it’s this versatility that allows me to make the right creative decisions that will have a positive effect on your product. I am passionate about what I shoot and it’s important to me that you get more than what you came for, no matter what your budget.
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